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Angels for Shea

   Donate just $1 & become Shea's angel

A quick update on Shea. Shea is in a semi conscious state, Not a coma. It is called an emerging State. At times she is minimally conscious. This is a part of her brain in the healing state. She has her awake times and sleep times just like we do, She is tracking us with her left eye, Her right eye still has trouble. She is working hard on her swallowing with the therapist, some times she will swallow on command like 3-5 times in a row. With help from us and the physical therapist we can stand her up for short periods of time and this strengthens her core and legs. She is unable to stand up on her own. She also has been showing a lot of emotions, sometimes she smiles a little bit and she is also showing that she feels pain. We see tears come from her eyes, and her face shows that she is uncomfortable. She also makes some sounds like she wants to say something but cant get the words out. What is really cute is when you give her a kiss she puckers up to kiss you back. She is so strong and she is a fighter, She has come a long way since she has come home from the hospital. She will come out of this, I have faith. Although when you have a traumatic brain injury, it takes the brain a long time to heal. So we wait. While we wait we continue to straighten her body so she will be strong when her brain heals. So however long this takes we are here for her and with the love and support and donations we are able to provide her with the very best of care. We couldn't do this without you. Please keep Shea in your prayers. All the love and support really helps in this unbelievably difficult time in our life's. Don't forget to visit Shea's Facebook "Angels for Shea" and like and share it , this will continue to spread awareness about TBI. You may also send prayers and comments to her and her family. Thank you and God bless.